Wednesday, March 02, 2005

protest in la to higlight man killed my dpd with mp5

back in 2002, gonzalo martinez was gunned down by police with an mp5 while he stood by his car with his hands raised. on feb 19th, 2005 there was a bilingual demonstration in memory of him and all others murdered by the downey police department. his mother, norma gonzalez, has been organizing since then to stop these abuses of power by law enforcement officers. “my son was not the only one executed in downey.” says norma gonzalez, who can then site 42 other abuses of power between 1999 and 2002 due to the knowledge gained by the families ongoing civil lawsuit. the post off of las angeles indymedia telling about the protest has multiple photos taken from an amateur video taken at the time of the murder. it also has autopsy reports AND the video itself, which is very disturbing thing to witness, but must be in order to keep the memories alive of ALL those murdered by the state's pawns. and people tell me that police are here to keep us safe. BULLSHIT! more like here to keep the rich propertied people safe from the rest of us! please, if anybody sees this post, notify as many people as possible, lets not let the state get away with these atrocities.

peace, love, revolution


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