Wednesday, March 02, 2005

1st anniversery of u.s. backed coup in haiti marred by bloodshed

feburary 28th. on the first anniversery of the u.s. backed coup which disposed of the democratically elected president jean aristide, a nonviolent pro democracy demonstration was fired upon by police leaving 2 dead and several people wounded. below is an exerp from an blog entry by bill quigley, a professor at loyola university new orleans school of law, who is in haiti right now as a volunteer attorney with the institute for justice and democracy in haiti...

Fr. Jean-Juste has become one of the main voices for democracy in Haiti since his release from prison several weeks ago after 48 days in jail with no charges. He was interviewed two dozen times by local and international media during the walk with the crowd. It all seemed like a peaceful unorganized mardi gras parade until I noticed the Reuters correspondent was wearing a bullet proof vest. MINUSTAH, the UN security presence was all around. The giant moving party continued down Des Cesar Street. The street was packed from side to side with people carrying signs, umbrellas, and handmade cardboard posters all calling for the return of democracy and Aristide. Neighborhood people joined in or clapped and danced from their front steps.

Suddenly, at the corner of Monsiegneur Guillot Street and Des Cesar, there was a loud boom from very close by. People started screaming and running. Another boom, then another. As people fled, I slipped on a pile of fruit and tried deperately to hide behind a very small tree. As people rushed past and dove into an opening in a concrete wall, the booms continued. I then dove though the wall and hid behind a one foot wide concrete pillar. The booms continued. People were down in the street. I saw a big white official looking truck hurtling down the street as the booms continued. Others saw police in black uniforms, helmets, ski masks, and large guns shooting into the crowd. People around me were huddled under stairs and crying. The group from St. Clare's pulled me into a corner and we we rolled into a ball until the booms stopped.

just when you thought that those people were finally grateful for the u.s. getting rid of their elected government to put into power unelected officials who would be unqustioning supporters of free trade economic policies designed to beinfit only rich westerners,while killing and jailing anyone who stood in the way of 'civilization,' this is how they thank us. ungrateful savages!

ahhhhhh, neo-colonialism rears it's ugly head, and the world turns it's head from the bloodshed.

peace, love, revolution


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