Monday, December 20, 2004

innocence ends when knowledge begins

innocence ends when knowledge begins. a young child sees the surface of the water, shimmering with light, reflections dancing on the waves like a butterfly's gentle flight. yet beyond the aestetic pleasures of the surface and the dazzleing beauty it may hold, an equally dark, foreboding underbelly, a daunting world of unknowns await to be percived. with knowledge comes the understanding of the beauty of the realm, an image of the two opposites, coalessing together creating the basis of perspective and perception. two opposites merging into the third entity in the middle, yes/no, no/yes, both and neither.

a young child, struck by the viberant energy of a city, the ebb and flow of life compounded, a constant heartbeat contained and controled by a concrete pacemaker, sees buildings grasping the clouds, wonders of material and mental worlds, sees the glitter yet not the grime. the underbellies of the concrete leviathans, wounds in the planets flesh that burrow deep while splaying roots which do not live, that do not sustain life, but supress it. both feed off the knowledge that neither side can exist without the other, for how would one percieve that which has no counter balance, a counter balance that illuminates the other. for what is day without night.

a young child, overtaken by immence curiosity, exerts force on others, testing the limits their bodies can stretch and contort, all the while dealling pain with no understanding of the emotions created by the acts, just observing the physical manifestations of those emotions. yet, the child does not truely understand joy either, for the full emotions we call joy and pain can only be comprehended fully when seen together, for each show us the power the other has over us.

the knowledge begins when the child steps out too far into the dark unknown of the water; when the child sees the lifeless pit where once was lush serenity; when the child feels the dread of pain well up inside where once was blissful joy, or vise versa. and all these events force the child to percieve the world a little differently. all these events force the child to see the embodiment of yin/yang in their lives and all around them weither the name is used or not. the problem is when we forget that nothing in life is completely duelistic, nothing in life is two dimentional. innocence ends when knowledge begins.

peace, love, revolution


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can agree with the assessment of innocence completely. "Ignorance it bliss." The rest of the statement left unsaid is " long as it lasts."

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