Friday, November 12, 2004

well i got onto live journal

well now i have another little plot to place my opinions\rants and other people might actully respond!!! a place where tchkung has a space to post and discuss shyt is alrighty in my book. well anyways its another reason to cave in to insomniatic tendancies and soon i will have yet another. i plan to start a second blog on blogger reserved solely for my writings i.e. short stories, poems, haiku's, and a possible script for a play in the future. all of these i wish to have analysed and critiqued so as to make them the best possible outcomes. i might take your advice, i might not, it depends. well anyways, i'm researching for a new, you guessed it, political post on the most likely candidate for attorney general to replace john ashcroft, (i shed a tear at the prospect of losing such a 'great' guy in such a powerful position :D ) alberto gonzales, already chief council to the president, who circulated a memo authorizing tourture!!! more details later (like anyone reads this!)
peace, love, revolution


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