Tuesday, November 02, 2004

wal-mart destroys historical monuments at teotihuacán, builds, you guessed it, a wal-mart


if there is a hell, the walton family (the owners of wal-mart) are going to have a special place set aside for themselves. in teotihuacán, mexico, wal-mart is building a 71,902 square foot leviathan near the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon, which are historical monumenets, enginering marvels, and 2,000 years old to boot. prtest have been going on seeing how a large majority of mexicans are adamently opposed to wal-mart bulldozing their history for the almighty profit margin. already a three foot tall aztec altar has been paved over for the parking lot. wal-mart has said it needed the site because if it wasn't there, there would't be another one for 15 miles. 15 FREAKIN MILES!!! this won't breed any more hatred of united states or anything, oh no just look at these slogans protestors are using to show their love of losing a part of their cultural herritage; things like "yankee imperialism," "foreign invasion, get out!" and "we'll be here until victory." wow those people are really happy about wal-marts capitalistic expansion into historic sites. just like every iraqi just LOVES being occupied by a foreign empire, just like our government loves anarchists and communists, and the pope loves abortion. the greatest thing about this whole thing is it proves how the mass media is completely controled by corporations like wal-mart since have you heard anything about this on fox news or cnn. wal-mart announced plans to build in may, we haven't seen a word of it on the tv, radio, or print, except maybe on independant sources that few watch. and americans think the world hates us for our freedom and democracy. hahahahahaha. this is just adding to the hatred for u.s. imperialism felt world wide which is going to bite us back so hard we won't even see it coming. unless you look for the portents like the resentment from this and so many other thing its too hard to count. THANK YOU MCWORLD, OR IN THIS CASE WAL-MART WORLD. ~SHUDDER~

peace, love, revolution


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