Wednesday, November 10, 2004

its not if the draft, its WHEN the draft

we all know that the draft is coming back, when it is not is so clear cut but there is no question; if they want to keep up the imperial expansion, a draft is going to be used as the body bags coming back interfere with there ability to get volunteers for their oil wars. even getting conscientious objector status means a desk job, which is still part of the war machine. what is needed is a national draft refusal movement, a large mass of people ( and when the draft gets reinstated, there will be) who refuse to take part in the workings of the imperial war machine. we need to tell those oil whores in the white house that we will not be cannon fodder so some rich oil barron can live in luxury when the ones fighting are going to be coming from some of the worst conditions the country produces. we need to say enough of the warmongering and enough of the continuing of this path of holy war and genocide. the bush cabal believe these are the end times fortold in the book of revalations of the bible and they will do whatever they can to make sure they ARE the end times. and there are people out there that believe in them and believe its right. MILLIONS of people ready to destroy the earth and all life on it just to fulfill their religious doomsday cult. the truly scary thing about the whole situation is, the people in power who want this to happen DO have enough power to bring it about, and they are willing to do what ever it takes and are well on their way. some say they fear for the state of this country, where as i fear for the state of the world! "to save the village we had to destroy the village, to save the country we had to destroy the country, to save the continent we had to destroy the continent, to save the world we had to destroy the world." lets just hope its doesn't come down to that, and that if they try to, we fight them every step of the way with every bit of power we can muster. they may be the masters of war, but we are the masters of our destinies and we need to make sure that there IS a world left for our children to inherit.

peace, love, revolution


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