Tuesday, November 02, 2004

4 more years = al-qaida recruting bananza


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the 2nd of november is here, and with it a monumental time for this country. on the one hand, john kerry really won't change all that much. don't let him fool you into thinking that outsourcing will stop under his (hopeful) presidancy, nor will corporate welfare, police brutality, or poverty and drug use in the inner cities. but if bush wins, osama bin laden will have that much more 'proof' that the people of america support the destrution of islam and the complete take over of the middle east. all this talk of osama wanting really liberal government officials is obsurd. for one, kerry supports a woman's right to choose to have an abortion and that is something i don't think osama likes too much. nor a woman's right to vote or go in to public wearing pretty much whatever the hell she pleases. and i don't think the whole secular government thing goes over very well with him either. now on the other hand, bush doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose either. and secular government doesn't exist in his 'faith-based inititive' white house. he talks about good and evil ( him good, other guy - insert guy he doesn't like/ guy who has oil's name - evil) and so does osama bin laden. bush jr. shows arrogance, greed, indifferance to other peoples suffering, and down right wants the world his way which are all the things osama bin laden uses to show how america is an empire thats trying to take over the world ( osama's primarily focuses on the middle east and south east asia) and should be stopped by the invocation of jihad. if you have taken the time to learn anything about islam, jihad can ONLY be invoked in self - defence. now if they didn't think they have been under attack by western imperialism, why would so many people want to join al-qaida. the whole ' they hate us for our freedom and democracy' rap just reeks of having no understanding of them. the best thing for osama bin laden's cause is a bush jr reelction, since he inspires so much hate in the middle east, and that hate fuels hate of america, in turn turning the middle east into an al-qaida breeding ground. i may not like john kerry much better (him being a skull and bones man himself, an avid hunter, and a corporate lackey to boot) yet he will protect legal abortion rights (myself being a pro-life pro-choicer) get more support from the global community, won't appoint extreme right wing evangelical types, and hopefully get that son of a bush out of the most powerful seat of governmental power in the world.

peace, love, revolution


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