Thursday, October 28, 2004

some news about the israel/palestine conflict

as of the latest numbers i've seen the current death toll since the september 2000 palestinian uprising is 3,839 palestinians and 979 israelis. just this month alone as of the 22nd, 206 palestinian, 13 israeli are dead. cited from cbs new york

18th of oct. Dozens of Palestinian men, women and children have been killed and hundreds wounded in the massive Israeli army attack (named "Days of Penitence" by the Israeli Defence Force) in the northern area of the Gaza Strip. More than 130 Palestinians have died since Israel began the operation over two weeks ago. At least 30 of the dead are children under the age of 18. The Middle East peace quartet of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia remained SILENT in face of brutal Israeli attacks on densely populated areas of Gaza! Although the Israeli army has “withdrawn,” it continues to commit war crimes against a civilian population throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. On one day, during the attacks, Israeli soldiers kill 32 Palestinians and wounded more than 102 during their incursion into northern Gaza. Three Israelis were also killed. The military attacks focused on refugee camps in northern Gaza, where the army said Qassam rockets were fired. Whatever the reason the Israeli army is using to justify the attacks, men, women and children are paying a heavy price. Israeli is violated international law by attacking areas that resulted in civilian deaths and injuries. from indy media

26 October 2004 – Voicing deep concern over the continuing violence in the Gaza Strip, the senior United Nations envoy for the Middle East today deplored deaths during the renewed military operation in Khan Younis and called on Israel to respect international law. The move into the area by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) which began over the weekend left at least 17 Palestinians dead, including an 11-year-old child, while more than 65 others have been reported injured, several critically. In addition, 25 homes have been demolished and some three dozen acres of land levelled. cited from the u.n.

on the 27th 'Secretary-General Kofi Annan today gave his complete backing to the head of the United Nations agency helping Palestinian refugees after Israel's allegation that a rocket had been loaded into a UN ambulance was disproved....."He commends UNRWA personnel for their dedication in providing vital assistance under very difficult circumstances to the Palestinian refugee communities in the occupied Palestinian territory and the region." The remarks follow Mr. Annan's review of the report by a UN investigation team that looked into allegations earlier this month that a rocket was loaded into an UNRWA ambulance. The team concluded that the charges were unjustified as the object was in fact a folding stretcher of the type carried as normal equipment in UNRWA ambulances. Following the team's visit, the Israeli Government admitted that it wrongly identified the stretcher as a Kassam rocket and has publicly withdrawn the allegations.' from the u.n.

thank you nationalism of any kind. i have no problem with their religion, yet any government which occupies peoples land and takes it over for themselves is seriously flawed. there was nothing stopping them from moving there and living peacefully with the people there. no they had to start a war and take over and occupy the land. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO PISS PEOPLE OFF, YOU JUST KICKED THEM OUT OF THEIR HOMES AND DESTROYED THEIR LIVES. LIVE IN THE LANDS YOU THINK YOUR GOD GAVE YOU BUT WANTING THE LAND FOR THE 'JEWISH ONLY STATE' WITHOUT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE PEOPLE THERE ALREADY IS JUST WRONG.

i read a really good statement on this website in the section zionism and anti-semitism. We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism and the State of “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People. Indeed, where else since 1945 have Jews been in such physical danger as in the Zionist state?! Jews are enjoined by their religious laws to be loyal to the country of which they are citizens. ever since the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish People some two thousand years ago, we have been enjoined to be scrupulously loyal to the countries we reside in, One of the great biblical prophets, Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed G-d's message to all the exiled; verse seven reads, "Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare." This has been a cornerstone of Jewish morality throughout our history to this very day. Torah-true Jews wish to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors in every country among the community of nations, including in historic Palestine. They deplore acts and policies of violence carried out by those who, misusing the name of Israel our forefather, have substituted the ideal of chauvinist nationalism for the eternal values of the Torah, the eternal divinely bestowed inheritance of the Jewish people. It has been the age-old intention of Zionism to intentionally stir up anti-Semitism anywhere possible, and even more commonly, to take advantage of any Jewish suffering anywhere in order to enhance its cause Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement, and from the very beginning has been to deliberately incite hatred of the Jew and then, in feigned horror, use it to justify the existence of the Zionist state – this is, of course, Machiavellianism raised to the highest degree. Thus, the Zionists thrive on hatred and suffering of Jews, and seek to benefit thereby through keeping Jews in perpetual fear, causing them to ignore the true nature of Zionism, and instead to consider the Zionist state is their salvation.

also below are a few exerps from the founder of zionism and the one who came up with the name, theodor herzl.

As far as Zionism is concerned, the founder of Zionism and apostate, Theodor Herzl, sought to intensify hatred of the Jew in order to enhance the cause of political Zionism. Here are some of his “pearls”: “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends”. (From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16) Additional words from the vivid imagination of this dreamer, from p. 68 of Part I of his Diary. "So anti-Semitism, which is a deeply imbedded force in the subconscious mind of the masses, will not harm the Jews. I actually find it to be advantageous to building the Jewish character, education by the masses that will lead to assimilation. This education can only happen through suffering, and the Jews will adapt." Hateful views of Jews as being subhuman did not have to be invented by Nazi theorists such as Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Streicher. This ideology was simply adapted from statements of political Zionists such as those found in the writings of the Zionist Yehezkel Kaufman in 1933. In 1920 there were statements hostile to Jews expressed at Heidelberg University. These statements, arguing that Jews of Germany had caused the turmoil that followed the war; that the Jews of Germany had nothing in common with Germans, and that Germans had the right to prevent the Jews of Germany from intruding into the affairs of their volk were not made by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, but by Nahum Goldmann, who went in to become the President of the World Zionist Organization and head of the World Jewish Congress, and, indisputably, the most influential political Zionist in the world, second only to the Prime Minister of the State of Israel. In 1921, Germans in Germany were told that: “We Jews are aliens… a foreign people in your midst and we… wish to stay that way. A Jew can never be a loyal German; whoever calls the foreign land his Fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people“. Who spoke these vile words? It was Jacob Klatzkin, the second of two political Zionist ideologists in Germany at the time, where the Jews of Germany were enjoying full political and civil rights. It was he who had advocated undermining Jewish communities as the one certain way of acquiring a state. “They had no qualms concerning tearing down the existing Jewish communities.”

now i'm not anti-semitic, i have jewish friends, and found that by and large they are a very good people, with a good heart and soul who want to help their fellow humans. but ANY time ferverent nationalism gets in the way, you have a problem. nationalism helps keep the people of the world divided. and it helps keep the people full of hate. the israeli government is corrupt, the palestinian authority is corrupt, they both teach hate of the other side to their children.AGAINST BOTH ARAFAT AND SHARON!!! peace must come from all sides, yet there are people on both sides who hate, with or without good reason (no matter the reason if people close to me were dying in a struggle, it would take all my inner power NOT to hate. if my family and friends died from suicide bombers or if they died from not being able to get to hospitals from waiting at checkpoints all day for example and other aspects of any military occupation) but there are those on both sides trying to forge a better tomorrow. well, thats enough right now on this very emotional topic. but check out the links and choose for your self. an open mind is not easily filled with hate. this whole conflict reminds me to much of aparthied south africa.

peace, love, revolution


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