Thursday, October 28, 2004

indy media's servers get seized by fbi

on october 7th, 2 servers were taken by the fbi from the hosting firm, Rackspace, located in London. it involved around 20 indy media's from around the world, the imc's internet radio station, and other various projects. the fbi said it was acting of behalf of the swiss and italian gov't's. the swiss have the reason that 2 photos taken on a public street of swiss undercover cops taking photos of demonstrators when the G8 met there last year which were up on the IMC Nantes, a french imc. but the italian gov't involvment was not as clear. they didn't issue a statement but the imc said that the italian gov't has been "overtly hostile ever since the 2001 G8 Summit in Genoa." what ever the case may be, the servers were returned as of the 22nd. but things are still hectic since the imc techies are trying to get everything back to normal. more info as it comes, but thats it for right now. more info at the following sites

"The FBI agents told me that they were not concerned with the photos, but with the identifying information. There never was any such identifying information, and even if there was, it would likely be protected by the first amendment if it was obtained legally. (There was a recent case here in Washington that you may be familiar with on this very issue). But, even assuming it is illegal to post identifying information (which it is not), there WAS NO SUCH info. The FBI agents freely admitted to me that individuals have a right to take photographs of agents in public places and post those photos on the internet." this is a quote from the imc statement about this whole affair. the fucked up thing is that when they can get away with things like this, what next?

peace, love, revolution


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