Thursday, October 28, 2004

i just found this guy!!!

i just learned about this guy the other day. his name is BANKSY from the uk and he's a mad talented dude. just check out his site, it's really bad ass. this guys art rocks my freakin socks off and all the way across the room. i'm vegan and totally into animal liberation, but this guy painted on farm animals back in july of 2003 ( it isn't going to hurt them) and put some on display. this woman bike locked her neck to one of the stalls in protest. this is what she had to say to the media. "It is discusting that these animals are being used as a blank canvas. This is one of the worst cases of exploitation I have ever come across. They are being kept in cramped conditions just for the purposes of entertainment - it's disgraceful." ok first of all the conditions wern't that cramped. second, how DARE she say this is on of the WORST cases of exploitation she has come across. WTF!!!!!! i'm sorry but i think the BILLIONS of animals being horribly inslaved and slaughtered in the factory farming industry or the uncounted millions (possibly billions) being vivisected and tested on in mostly pointless tests or the woman killing animals for 'art' (see below) is A LOT worse then having some farm animals painted with a bit of spray paint and kept in stalls in a warehouse. yeah it wasen't nice to paint on them seeing as they can neither consent or deny consent, but i think that woman is going WAY over board. at least they arn't being beaten or denyed food and water or any number of other things. no, they got painted on. now another on of his stunts was a stuffed rat in a glass case with all rat sized rap around sunglasses, a backpack, a microphone in one paw, and a spraypaint can right next to it with the back to the case the words 'our time will come' in spray paint. now that i don't agree with using its body like that, which banksy then hung up it the Natural History Museum of england (i think in london) but love him or hate him, look at his art, this guy has talent. his stencil work is fucking genius. more later, for now onward to carpal tunnel and bad eye sight.

peace, love, revolution


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