Thursday, October 28, 2004

haiku #1

a soft breeze,
teasing the spirit,
total bliss


Anonymous undead lazarus said...

I'm so glad you found Kurt, ol'boy ---- actually it's ALMOST his birthday today--Armistice Day! [November 11th!]
[Gotta admit--THAT's pretty cool.]
[Sorry 'bout the parentheses & exclamation points--I've been re-reading Louis-Ferdinand Celine--yep, THAT Nazi!]

Write K.V. a letter--he might write back--I DID after reading "Jailbird" [MIND-Blowing---it sits & ferments for days, then BOOM! you're cooked, kiddo!] 'cuz you have to remember---'Mother Night' was his FIRST--can you believe THAT?
And he did write back--a really nice thank-you note--his handwriting is BAD--but it was just so amazing to realize he was an ACTUAL person. Most of the writers I was into had died before I was even born--not ALL, but many.

But he was a compulsive writer, who just had a spat with his wife when he read my letter. "In this life, timing is everything'--apparently so.

He's a really NICE man--okay, he tries to appear mean &'nasty'-- "bitter-coated sugar pills", as he writes.
I'm so happy you FOUND him--when I was in high school,he was actually BANNED [!]--along with notable others, Dalton Trumbo's "Johnny Got His Gun", and ol' Huck Finn!

Sayanora, bay-bee--and ENJOY the good things that civilisation has brought us, 'cuz they're been silently and efficiently erased from our memory banks. Cram it in there while you still can.
[No sh-t, Sherlock.]
Good luck, and have FUN!

1:14 PM  

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